About Me

Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in art and the concept of creating. Drawing has always been my main form of expression, but photography has now become the place where the artist in me really comes through.
I have found ‘light’ to be the most important tool within my work, indeed finding the balance between light and shadow is an art in itself. I really value my position as an artist and aspire to make people ‘feel’ something, to arouse an emotional response through my cinematic and stylised imagery.
I aim my work at redefining the beauty of fashion photography, seen through an artistic lens and therefore pushing the boundaries of commercial photography in a way that maintains a pure aesthetic.
- Arts University Plymouth Graduate - BA (Hons) Commercial Photography
- AOP Student Awards 2022 Finalist
- Istituto Italiano Di Fotografia - Certificate of Attendance for Summer Course 2018 IIF-IMB
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